Listening to women

Written by William Campbell

It’s international women’s day! Which is silly, because the world wouldn’t turn without women running it every day.

Men and male-identified folks can sometimes feel like we don’t know what to do or say when it comes to feminism and attempting to support the women in our lives. One thing we can do is listen to women, so take a moment today to read, watch, or learn something (once again, writing that is silly because you should do this everyday…). A second thing you can do is lift up the voices of the women around us. Don’t make it about us, but about them. Use your platforms and privilege to lift up women and gender-non conforming voices.

So, in an ATTEMPT to not be a hypocrite right now, I’m gonna do what I just said…but with a dash of intersectionality because we also got some islamaphobia going on in our country too. So…here are different perspectives from Muslim women on why they wear Hijab and how they understand their feminism.

  1. Muslim feminists reclaiming the Hijab: Here
  2. The Hijab has nothing to do with my oppression: Here
  3. What’s up with the hijab (great video by my colleagues):





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