Looking Ahead in 2017

Happy New Year! After a break for the holidays, we’re back and excited to get back to writing here at Un/Settled. We have a lot of new ideas for the coming year! But first, here are some of some of the themes we ended up exploring in 2016:

  • We explored connections between our childhood experiences in the rural midwest and our lives today (whether that relates to where we live, what we do for a living, etc.)
  • We each wrote about how childhood experiences in nature have influenced our interests, and they have been a source for creativity
  • We reflected on the continued role that nature plays in our lives
  • We wrote some (though not as much as we’d anticipated) about the changes afoot in rural America thanks to social, economic, and technological transformations
  • The year 2016 was a tough in many ways, and often our blog became a space for response and reflection. For example, in June, we wrote an LGBTQ series for Pride Month that also served as an extended response to the Orlando Shooting. In December, we spent some time reflecting on the election.
  • We talked about themes of resilience, reflection, and healing – in response to both the news and to personal events within our lives
  • In October, we had fun indulging in the theme of the Rural Gothic

And here are some of our hopes for Un/Settled in 2017:

  • We’re hoping to burst some of the cultural bubbles, and chip away at some of the stereotypes on both sides of the cultural divide about rural America that have long been there, but were nonetheless calcified by the presidential election.
  • We want to bring in other voices this year that can help illuminate the complexities of rural life and offer broader insights related to cultural divides
  • We want to continue to think about themes of resilience, creativity, and renewal, as well as themes tied to nature, environmentalism, and the natural world
  • We’ll no doubt continue to explore our own relationships to our rural background. How could we not? 😉
  • AND of course, we have a story to finish from the Rural Gothic series!! William will have the conclusion to his Gayno Smith story out soon! This has inspired possible pieces on the untold histories of rural environment where we grew up.

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